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Krishna Singh, the founder, and director of DK Fire Services earned his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Patna. With 18 years of experience in Design, Execution and Project Management, he wants to build the finest fire protection and safety firm of the country. He is devoted to securing the future of the company, its employees and the clienteles.

He has a unique combination of qualities. He is passionate yet grounded, with a clear and a well-planned futuristic vision. He has developed a team of honest, hard-working and dedicated employees. They regularly undergo latest training programs to keep their skills up to date in order to ensure that their service surpasses customer expectations.

At work his focus and concentration is absolute. And outside of work, Mr. Singh spends his time reading and upgrading his knowledge on fire safety system designs and mechanisms. In the coming years, he envisions to expand his team to 200 employees with fire safety expertise in sectors like pharma, food, hospitality, power, oil etc.

With his 'lead with example' attitude, humbleness, honesty and commitment to work he is a source of constant inspirations for his team.