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As a reliable company, DK Fire is committed not only to protect and safeguard the health and environment of its employees but also of all people & properties affected by its operation. We have created a working space which is reasonably practical, safe and which preserves the interest of all those who are part of these activities and are affected by it.

The company is devoted to improve and update its standards of health & safety throughout continuously. The board provides leadership training to the workforce on health & safety measures to gain the best results.

Adequate resources are provided to train, monitor and assess company’s health & safety performance and deliver the objectives determined for continuous improvement. All the requirements of this policy are transferred to the employees by company’s head of that particular department. Consulting and involving are the two methods used to promote the management of health and safety. This policy is displayed at all the offices & local sites and they are issued to all the new employees who are joining at induction. This policy should be read in conjunction with the Ashe specific documents detailed within the General Arrangements document.

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