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AMC is preventive maintenance which could potentially reduce risks of equipment failure when actual fire incident arises and also actively protecting your assets. Our core expertise is maintaining Industrial and Commercial establishment. With a team of qualified, passionate, dedicated and experienced engineers we ensure to provide best services to our clients. From handling, monitoring to protecting the system; we provide all round facilities to our customers. The errors are corrected as soon as they are spotted, leaving no space for any system failure.

Comprehensive AMC

This far-reaching AMC service incorporates Preventive\ Precautionary maintenance services that safeguard all the installed systems. Comprehensive AMC includes all charges (Labour + spare parts)

Non-Comprehensive AMC

The only difference in this service is that the spare parts and consumables are charged extra at the prevailing prices. Other than this it provides all the Preventive\ Precautionary maintenance services that safeguard all the installed systems.

Few Highlights/Points to consider

Preventive/Precautionary maintenance service boosts longevity of the equipment.

Agreements with regional Fire safety and Insurance requirements.

AMC Services

Fire Alarm & Detection System

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Hydrant System

Fire Sprinkler/Spray System

Fire Suppression System

Passive Fire Protection System

Fire Fighting Training

Mock Drills


Access Control System

Public Address System

Training and Mock-Up Drills

Awareness is the first step towards safety and so we provide fire dispute training and mock drills which has first aid and firefighting training and fire removal procedure.

Fire Drills/Evacuation Procedures

It is important to be aware and well prepared for emergency times. Fire drills mock ups once a year, prepare and enable you to save your life and of others in case of fire emergency.

Fire Safety Plan

Owner of the building designs this plan responsibly, completely and accurately to create precautionary safety guidelines in case of fire emergency.

Fire Prevention Services

Safety Codes Inspections.

Fire Investigations.

Public Awareness and Education.

Building Codes Plans Review.

Fire Safety Training.

Wild land Urban Interface Planning.


An inspection by the fire safety inspectors to confirm the proper fire safety measure management in and around the business premises whether residential or non-residential, is Fire Safety Audit.
We also undertake Fire Audit and Health Safety of Occupants and Fire Protection System.
We have conducted various Fire Audits for industrial and commercial sector at PAN India level as per the guideline suggested in IS/FM/NFPA.

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